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julia child

April 20, 2010

  “I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate.” ~Julia Child

I understand that Julia Child has been receiving a large amount of recognition recently. I originally intended to use Betty Crocker as my pseudonym for food related posts, but who knew that she isn’t even a real person? A bit of research proved Julia Child as the best candidate for this topic because, as stated above, before she began cooking, she enjoyed eating; which I can easily  foresee being my primary topic in any post about food.

Occasionally, however, I do get into a cooking mood. On an even rarer occasion, I actually have time to cook when I’m in such a cooking mood. Recently such an occasion arose, and I decided that Chicken Marsala sounded appealing. I dug around for a yummy Chicken Marsala recipe that I found a while back, but after fruitless attempts to locate it, I turned to the trusty internet and found a comparable recipe here.  I should point out that lack of experience in the kitchen coupled with being hopelessly flawed in the patience department definitely don’t make this girl anything close to a Betty Crocker or a Julia Child. But, my Chicken Marsala, with a side of squash sauteed in olive oil and dill, did turn out to be quite tasty.

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