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pucker up

May 5, 2010

Spring is in bloom and already summertime is beckoning. The days are getting longer, beach apparel is appearing in store windows all over the city, and temperatures are beginning to rise.

A few days ago, at the office, we got a real foretaste of summer when one of my coworkers brought in several enormous lemons that he had picked from a tree outside the office. Another coworker wasted no time in putting the lemons to good use. He rummaged through the kitchen  for supplies and after a few minutes of slicing, squeezing, and sprinkling he had produced an ice cold pitcher of lemonade and was generously passing out cups of his concoction.We were all impressed with such resourcefulness.

With the first sip of the refreshing lemonade I could already feel the warm summer breeze around me; which may have actually been the space heater I keep tucked under my desk at full blast, but it was still great for effect.

To make your own version of office lemonade and get your own foretaste of summer you just need:

1) 2 very large lemons (it helps if you live in a region where citrus trees grow and produce in abundance)

2) 2 styrofoam cups full of water

3) 4 plastic spoonfuls of sugar*

Mix well in a large pitcher, add ice, and serve.

*Note: For a sweeter tasting beverage, double the amount of sugar. However, according to our esteemed lemonade maker, “it ain’t good lemonade if it doesn’t make you pucker!”

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