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we regret to inform you…

May 7, 2010

The results are in,the emails and letters have been sent out, and it looks like I will not be working toward a master’s degree in nursing when August rolls around. Here is the run down:

Drexel University; Philadelphia, PA
I actually did get accepted into their program.  However, the astronomical cost of studying at this private university, and the assurance by its financial aid department that  funding would not exceed ten percent of the total cost, was just about the equivalent of a rejection. Coming up with tuition and expenses while studying in a program  so intense that working simultaneously is highly discouraged, just wasn’t feasible.

California State University Fullerton
; Fullerton, CA
Not enough space in the program. Please try again next year.

Fullerton actually sent two letters to inform me of my rejection. I can just tell you, “we regret to inform you…” is not any more pleasant to read the second time around.


California State University Long Beach; Long Beach, CA

Not enough space in the program. Please try again next year.

One of the admissions personnel that I spoke with earlier this year ranted and raved about my last name being the same as one of her favorite actors. I was somewhat hoping her preference for the actor would increase my chances of acceptance, but apparently not. Maybe she discovered that there was no actual relation.

So, in addition to hating budget cuts, I am floundering a bit with what to do next. Here are a few of my considerations:

1) Visit admissions offices and beg them to reconsider.  (just kidding…sorta.)

2) Take the GRE to increase the number of El-MSN programs I  can apply to, and hopefully my chances of getting in.

3) Look into other programs: Occupational Therapy, Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design.

4) Move to Europe.  No…seriously.  Just look at these photos! Aren’t they enticing?

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