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tex-mex take one

May 20, 2010

One thing that seems to be lacking in Southern California is a place to eat really good Tex-Mex. Now I realize that this isn’t Texas, so one shouldn’t compare or even expect that so called Tex-Mex restaurants in California would taste quite the same as they do in Texas. The name itself implies that Texas really is the only place to get it.   But, if you’ve ever had real Tex-Mex, the queso, fajitas, and warm, fresh tortillas, you would find yourself searching for a good Tex-Mex restaurant even in Alaska. So when my brother called me a few weeks ago with his latest discovery, you best believe I was excited when he told me it was a Tex-Mex restaurant owned and operated by real Texans. That night we braved the LA traffic and headed down to Santa Monica to Marix, our mouths watering for chips and salsa, and tortillas.

Located across the street from the beach, the restaurant had a very pleasant atmosphere.  We were seated and were immediately served a basket of free chips with salsa. So far so good. We ordered some queso to go with our chips and then it came down to the real ordering. Despite the tempting variety of tacos on the menu, we knew that the real test was in the fajitas, so we ordered a plate for two that included both chicken and beef. The food arrived with heaping side portions of beans, rice, and guacamole, perfect for piling into tortillas.


Overall we were fairly satisfied after filling up on the generous portions of food.  Our only complaint was that the tortillas were not made fresh in the restaurant (it really is all about the tortillas). We decided that although we would definitely visit Marix again, the search for Tex-Mex to satisfy these Texas-born tastebuds would continue.

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