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cloud cookies

June 14, 2010

Recently I found this recipe for cloud cookies. The photos of the cookies were so adorable I had to try them for myself.

It had been a while since I made cookies, and even longer since I made cookies from scratch. I nearly passed out upon discovering the price of one vanilla bean when I was picking up the ingredients (one would think those things were magical). After a bit of research, I determined that the contents of one vanilla bean fill about one tablespoon, and I decided that a tablespoon of vanilla bean powder would make a fine substitution. I acquired the vanilla bean powder from Starbucks, which generously donated to my cookie baking cause. After doing a few conversions in order to get accurate measurements for the ingredients I was ready to start baking.

The dough turned out perfect. I wasn’t able to find a cloud-shaped cookie cutter, so I used a knife to cut the dough, which produced a shape more like that of a submarine than a cloud. But still, so. much. fun.

Ta-daa! Cloud cookies! Okay, so they definitely did not turn out as cute as Nikole’s, they didn’t turn out quite as soft as I wanted them to be, and I got lazy and used store-bought icing instead of making my own from scratch, but they did taste good. After making these cookies, I happened upon an umbrella-shaped cookie cutter. Looks like I’ll have to give this recipe another try.

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