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2010 wrap up

January 24, 2011

Summer and fall are officially over, as is the year 2010. I had such big plans to cover all the happenings of the past few months but this summer certainly turned out to be a doozy. Needless to say, I didn’t accomplish nearly the amount of leisure reading, bike riding, beach going, or blog writing that I had intended. That’s not to say that there weren’t any particularly pleasant moments over the past few months, but I had a little more going on than I originally bargained for. So instead of lamenting the lack of posts, I decided that a quick summer/fall wrap up would suffice, so that I can move on to the cozy, leaf-crunching, scarf-wearing, hot-chocolate-drinking activities of the winter; blog writing included.

So, without further ado, the wrap up: tennessee, sweet potato pancakes, nashville, boating in murfreesboro, dr. pepper, baseball, landscaping, landscape architecture at usc, baseball, biking, sushi, dr. pepper, popsicles, job #1, job #2, baseball, gmail video chat, gre cramming, west texas, fried pickles, birthdays, columbus, jeni’s ice cream, bridal showers, weddings, more weddings, working late, working later, dr. pepper, high heels, goodbyes, and hot tea. phew!
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