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touting trout

January 26, 2011

After you have reached a certain comfort level with your coworkers they do things like drop three freshly caught trout, eyes and all, onto your desk at 8:45 am as you are taking your first sip of coffee. This happens to everybody right?

“I don’t know how to cook fish…” I whined, “and what about the eyes?!”                                                         “Don’t worry,” laughed our resident fisherman as he walked away, “they’re easy to cook, and the eyes turn white in the pan.”

As appetizing as that sounded, I decided that if I was going to cook these things the heads would have to go. I called up some friends and we organized a dinner party. Main course: trout.

As it turns out, trout is not that difficult to cook after all. A little butter, flour, salt and pepper, a few choruses of the chef’s song from The Little Mermaid, and voila!  Le Poisson for dinner! We complemented the fish with a blueberry and mandarin orange salad and some buttered french bread. Before we sat down to eat I made sure that the table was set to perfection, to make up for any deficiency in taste, of course.

But the fish was edible, and one might even go as far as saying it was tasty. Fortunately, the salad was great and the company was even better. Except for a run-in with some unruly tongs and some difficulties with the fish bones, it was a lovely evening. We also learned that it’s really not a good idea to name the fish before you behead them….Sorry Gilbert.

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