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on the hunt

February 28, 2011

I’m going to be breathing easy when spring finally rolls around, because there won’t be anything left to clean or clear out. However, despite the progress I’ve made, I still haven’t found a dresser; and, as nice as it would be to have a genuine excuse for leaving my clothes on the floor, a little more organization would probably help to prevent me from leaving the house with mismatched socks, among other outfit disasters.  So, along with some hard core cleaning and organizing, I also did a little yard sale-ing this weekend. My first stop was Joy’s yard sale. She teamed up with Bri from Designlovefest and Jen from, so, oh man, was there a lot of fun stuff to sift through, including a shed full of dishes and piles of fabric. “I just need a dresser. I just need a dresser…” I had to keep repeating as I forced myself to walk away from some lovely quarters of fabric and some of Joy’s adorable notebooks. Unfortunately, dressers were not being sold at the yard sale, and since I had gotten off to a late start that morning, there wasn’t much left at any others either.

I didn’t end up buying anything at the yard sales, but on my way home I couldn’t resist a stop in Santa Monica, where my motivational thoughts seemed to fade as I bought a few more items to fit into my non-existent dresser. So the hunt continues.

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