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shower in san diego

March 7, 2011

This weekend I was recruited, er…invited to attend the baby shower of a good friend of mine in San Diego. A few of us hit the rode together bright and early, our car stuffed with gifts, food, drinks, flowers, and decorations. We met the mama-to-be at her apartment and immediately began the transformation of her simple decor into a balloon filled, streamer lined, baby animal filled environment that any unborn child would be proud to call his party. Best of all was the unveiling of the chocolate cream puff cake (it even had cream puffs inside)! We managed to restrain ourselves from sneaking a taste as we set it out with the rest of the food, but we also took no responsibility for what became of any chocolate flakes that “happened” to fall off while we transferred it onto a platter.

At about 2:00, the festivities began; the guests arrived, food was eaten, games were played, gifts were opened, we were finally allowed to taste the cream puff cake, and a good time was had by all.

After all of the guests had left, and the apartment was restored to it’s original state, the expecting couple took the few of us that remained to the Burger Lounge for dinner. I’m not sure whether it was the hard work, or the fact that what we ate that day consisted primarily of finger foods, but the food was delicious! And the onion rings…well, let’s just say, I’m already planning my next trip down to San Diego.

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