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enjoy the simple things

April 18, 2011

Last Friday I had the opportunity to cross one of my “places to try” off the list. The warm, sunny weather coupled with a light breeze made a half-day at work absolutely necessary; so when lunchtime rolled around, I flipped off the computer and the lights and headed up to Beverly Hills to have lunch at Simplethings Sandwich & Pie Shop.

This little spot was definitely worth the drive up to Beverly Hills with no air conditioning (the light breezes seemed to be avoiding the 405 that day). The tiny shop was packed (always a good sign), but the line moved quickly, the staff were friendly, and the decor was unique and adorable.

I ordered the hearty pulled chicken sandwich that was piled with chicken, and for dessert I had a salted caramel cutie pie, a miniature pie, crust and all, that was the perfect amount for a lunchtime dessert. As I sipped on the cool water that was brought to the table in large chilled bottles, washing down the last bite of pie and enjoying the cool breeze wafting in the open door (apparently it was hanging out in Beverly Hills), I decided that this place was definitely moving to the “places to try again” list.

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