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baby boom: little lady edition

June 11, 2012


Although I would never claim to be an expert on raising babies (no kiddos for me, yet), what I am fairly experienced in, is giving gifts to those expecting babies. This weekend I attended a baby shower for a close friend of mine who is expecting her second child in a few weeks. The shower was the first of several that will take place over the summer, as I have a number of friends expecting babies within the next few months, and most of them are having girls.

So, I thought I would put together a list of baby gifts for little girls that expecting mamas might need or appreciate. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it includes several items that may come in handy and may also be a little more fun to give as a shower gift, perhaps in conjunction with the more practical (and slightly more boring) diapers, bottles, and baby wipes.

Descriptions after the jump.

1. Onesies. New parents often lack the spare time to get laundry done, so an abundance of onesies on hand can keep the baby clothed until laundry day. You can find onesies in almost any store that sells baby clothes, often with adorable prints and patterns. A baby shower is a perfect time to provide new parents with a stock of onesies. In liu of baby shower games, you can set up a table with a stack of plain white onesies and some fabric pens, so that everyone invited can design their own onesie. This also works great with diapers and sharpies.

2. A dressy outfit. Every girl loves a pretty, girly, dress, and new mamas love to imagine their little girls in one. Also, in the event that the family is invited to a more formal event, having a pretty outfit on hand for the baby is one less thing to worry about.

3. Pacifiers. Pacifiers are always getting lost or dropped, so it’s good to have extras. Plus, there is an abundance of cute pacifier designs and colors to choose from. Some new mamas are against the use of pacifiers, so if you don’t know the expectant mother very well, it might be good to find out before dropping one or two into your gift bag.

4. Toys. The best toys are those that kids can grow into, that is, gnaw on as infants and learn from as toddlers. Wooden toy animals or shapes, and board books, are perfect. Some can even be used as a sweet decoration in the baby’s room. A soft, pink bunny or teddy bear, although not educational, are still great toy gifts not only to decorate the baby’s room but also to be held and loved as she grows.

5. An outfit to grow into. Just as convenient as owning a dressy outfit, is having some outfits on hand for your child to grow into. One friend of mine, and mother of one, mentioned that although she received an abundance of clothes at her son’s birth, she had nothing for him to wear once he outgrew his six-month outfits. An outfit or two for a slightly older child can bide new mamas some time until they can make time for some shopping. I know, I know, the outfit above is so cute I would wear it myself. Just look at those scalloped shorts! Oh, to be two again!

6. A teething toy. Sophie the Giraffe gets rave reviews for her durability and chew-safe paint, not to mention her appearance and easy-grip shape that can entertain babies long before they begin teething. This toy works wonders for keeping the one-year old child of another friend of mine happy.

7. Bumpo baby seat. The Bumpo is great for making little ones stay put when practical things like laundry and cooking dinner need to be done. Babies like them because they can sit up and see their surroundings, and mamas like them because they can see their babies. Every expecting mama I know asks for one of these.

8. Footwear. Booties and socks for the infant stage, and sandals for when little feet start walking, make wonderful gifts and keep those baby feet warm and protected.

9. Blankets. Receiving blankets, swaddling blankets, blankets for the crib, the stroller, and for laying the baby on the floor, basically, you can’t go wrong giving a blanket as a gift. There are an abundance of adorable baby blankets available anywhere from  major department stores to small online boutiques. And, if you have the time and the know-how, a handmade quilt or crocheted blanket may just be the thoughtful gift that surpasses them all.

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