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March 25, 2013

This blog needs a serious facelift. I had to make a few changes that, for some reason, affected a large number of my photos and links.* Oh, to be more computer savvy!

Not only is this blog due for an update but also I am in the middle of moving once again; and, although my new apartment has lots of potential, it’s also in need of some work. So I figured that in conjunction with renovating my apartment, I would also work on giving this blog an overhaul. I don’t plan to make any big changes right away. I’m still bouncing around a few ideas, which I hope will begin to materialize over a period of time. But it’s cathartic to write, and what could be more appropriate than to write about the facelift I have in mind for my new apartment.

Day 1: Move-in Day! 

Saturday was the first day we had access to the new apartment. That meant cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I cleaned my bathroom from top to bottom with bleach, Lysol, Windex…you name it, I probably used it.

After the bathroom, I moved on to the kitchen, and basically repeated the same cleaning process. I also tore out all of the old grimy contact paper that was in the drawers and cabinets, and vacuumed not only the back of the drawers but also the cabinets behind the drawers that were full of trash and other fallen particles.

I also sprayed for bugs using the good stuff, Bengal. I sprayed the bathrooms, kitchen, living room, closets, and all around the backyard. Yeah. That’s right. We have a backyard!!!

We moved all of my housemate’s stuff into the house, but it will stay in boxes until things are clean and fresh enough to put it all away. I haven’t moved anything in yet because: 1) I’m not on the same time crunch that she is as far as getting out of my former residence, and 2) I’ve got big plans for this apartment. Yay!

Below are a few, “before,” pictures of the apartment, including a few of the backyard:

IMG_20130325_022030 IMG_20130325_021543

IMG_20130325_021721 IMG_20130325_021643



* I try my best to give proper credit for all photos used that are not mine. If you happen to find your photo not credited properly, please let me know. I am working on updating the links that are not working properly due to the changes that were made.

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