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apartment 9 diaries, day 2:

March 26, 2013


I woke up feeling extra sore. I guess all that hard core scrubbing, and crawling around on your knees to make sure the floor is deep cleaned, is more of a workout than I realized. Also, note to self: wear gloves the next time you plan to use harsh cleaning agents for twelve straight hours. The skin on my hands is completely raw. Fortunately I haven’t packed anything up yet, so lotion is readily available.

I had a pretty full day planned, so I didn’t get around to working on the apartment until later in the evening. But I did manage to make a little progress in my bathroom, which is where I am focusing my efforts at the moment. The first order of business is to paint the walls. Right now they are a dingy off-white, almost creamy yellow color, painted with a high-gloss paint. I know it’s supposed to make for easier cleaning of the walls, and especially to prevent mildew in the bathroom, but I really don’t like high-gloss paint, so it has got to go. I used a liquid sandpaper on all the bathroom walls to prep them for a fresh coat of paint. The last time I painted a wall, I had a very hard time getting clean lines in the corners, so this time, I did a little research and found that caulk in addition to painter’s tape was highly suggested. So I spent the rest of the evening taping off the doorframe, baseboards, and other odds and ends, and securing the tape with a thin layer of clear caulk. I’m anxious to see if I get sharper paint lines with this method. Another note to self: wear gloves the next time you plan to use caulk. It’s pretty sticky, and doesn’t come off very easily, even with soap and water.

If my hands survive this renovation, it will be a miracle.

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