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unwind week: get moving

June 19, 2012

print/water bottle/jump rope/ipod shuffle and headphones/running shoes

Without a doubt, sitting in front of a computer all day can begin to take its toll, especially when the work days are longer than usual. So after leaving the computer at the office and before heading straight to the laptop at home, insert a little time for some outdoor exercise. Even if you are bringing work home with you, taking just half an hour to forget it all and move around in the sunshine can be amazingly invigorating.

My personal favorite exercise for unwinding is a long, evening run, but often when time is short, I’ve found that even a brisk walk around the block can be quite refreshing. If your neighborhood or the weather doesn’t permit such activity, a jumprope and an open space will also do quite nicely. Anything to get your blood pumping and your endorphins flowing. I believe Elle Woods said it best, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” They also produce higher quality work, I might add.


unwind week: have a cup of tea

June 18, 2012


As I mentioned last week, we are in the middle of a very busy season at the office. So I decided that this week is dedicated to making it through the busy times without tearing your hair out.
Now as we all know, busy seasons can often mean long hours of work that extend well beyond the typical eight hour workday. This may not leave too much time for unwinding before you are ready to crash. But, before you hit the pillow, consider a cup of hot tea and a little light reading. A soothing cup of hot chamomile tea is perfect for calming the nerves and a good book will be a welcome distraction from the buzz of, “to-do’s” swirling around in your head. And if work related thoughts do happen to start drifting in while you’re reading, I’ve found that a notebook on the nightstand works great for quickly jotting down notes and getting back to relaxing.
After about thirty minutes, you’ll be warmed, calmed, and ready for a good night’s rest and a fresh start in the morning.

weekly happies

June 15, 2012

This week was hard, not gonna lie. But even this cloudy week had a few silver linings, so here goes nothing:

Photo via {Carl Kleiner}

a mid-week treat

June 14, 2012




What could be more pleasant than a quick, evening treat in the middle of the week, with two uncooperative siblings? Not much.

finishing touches

June 13, 2012

I realized that after the “sneak peek” post, following my move last year, I never gave an update on how my bedroom turned out. That is primarily because, although I have gotten things organized, put away, and decorated enough so that I feel quite settled, there are some final decorative touches that I never completed. The first is artwork; I have two blank spaces still waiting to be filled. The second is an end table to sit beside my armchair. A place to set my hot tea, or conveniently leave the latest book I’m reading. Currently serving as an end table is an unmarked cardboard box, which, although it serves the purpose, is a little bit of an eyesore.

One major hindrance to my actually acquiring an end table, is that I am picky. Maybe a little too picky. The other hindrance is that I am somewhat indecisive. As soon as I see one table that I am sure is perfect, I see something else that appeals to me just as much. I own a mid-century modern dresser, so for a while I considered a matching end table, but after scouring decorating blogs and magazines (which may be the root of the problem), I decided that I prefer to mix and match furniture items. I also discovered that I often gravitate towards pieces with an industrial feel.

Take a look at some of my considerations after the jump. Any opinions or suggestions are welcome!

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dreaming of summer days

June 12, 2012

Things have been pretty busy around the office, and it is only getting busier. We are in the process of preparing for two of our biggest events, and as the workload gets heavier and the days get longer, I’m dreaming more and more about sunshine, iced tea (or perhaps some cucumber lime lemonade), and summer time!

baby boom: little lady edition

June 11, 2012


Although I would never claim to be an expert on raising babies (no kiddos for me, yet), what I am fairly experienced in, is giving gifts to those expecting babies. This weekend I attended a baby shower for a close friend of mine who is expecting her second child in a few weeks. The shower was the first of several that will take place over the summer, as I have a number of friends expecting babies within the next few months, and most of them are having girls.

So, I thought I would put together a list of baby gifts for little girls that expecting mamas might need or appreciate. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it includes several items that may come in handy and may also be a little more fun to give as a shower gift, perhaps in conjunction with the more practical (and slightly more boring) diapers, bottles, and baby wipes.

Descriptions after the jump.

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